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Sound Devices 633 mixer-recorder

Quick specs:

6 input location field production mixer, with integrated 10 track recorder

Transformer-less pre-amps and direct outputs

All inputs & outputs record to CF and SD cards

Sunlight readable, transflective LCD menu control

Built-in slate microphone and external slate microphone input connector

Powered by AA batteries or isolated (floating) external 10-18v DC

Standard kit contains:


Carry case, handle and strap

HD25 headphones  and ¼" adaptor

2 NP-F750 on board batteries

SWIT charger & mains cable

2 NP75 Lithium batteries

Hawk-Woods (HW) shoe

HW SL1 single bay charger & mains cable

2 2m (or 3m) extension cables, XLRf to XLRm

2 mini XLR to XLRm cables

3 mini XLR to XLRf cables

6 spare AA batteries



5pin Lemo to BNC TimeCode input cable

BNC to 5pin Lemo TimeCode output cable

BNC reversing link

1 Delkin 32GB SD card

1 Delkin 32GB CF card

Card reader with mini USB cable

12 pin Hirose to twin XLRm and 3.5mm ‘tails’

12 pin Hirose to twin XLRf and 3.5mm ‘tails’

Curly 12 pin Hirose extension cable

3.5mm jack to twin XLRm cable

User guide and technical manual

'Sennheiser' plastic box

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