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Sennheiser AMBEO-VR

Quick specs:

Ambisonic mic for capturing spatial Virtual Reality (spatial 360o) audio

Uses 4 matched KE14 cardioid capsules mounted in tetrahedral format from one single point

Ambeo plug-in performs very good A-B format conversion

Correct indication of positioning on mic

Designed to work with specialized high-end software and hardware


Standard kit contains:

Microphone with metal grill windshield

Foam windshield

Rycote ball windshield

Rycote windjammer

12 pin female DIN  to 12 pin male DIN, 1.5m

12 pin female DIN to 4 colour coded XLRm balanced split cable

Rycote suspension mount

Mic stand with brass adaptor


Click here for link to Sennheiser details and video tutorials page



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