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Phonak - Roger

Quick specs:

Roger r.f. receiver, ultra small discreet - length 18cm & weight 1.3g (incl. battery)

Reliable day-long comfort and 6 - 10 hours battery life

Balanced audio level input to TX via XLR or 6.3mm jack

Licence free 2.4GHz transmission


Standard kit contains:

1 x Roger receiver in plastic case

Transmitter with mains psu

1 x 2m XLRf-XLRm cable

2 x PR70/10ZA batteries

Pack of 6 batteries S.O.R.


Battery usage:

Use premium quality batteries only

from suppliers that stock hearing aid batteries


We recommend and can supply original specification batteries

Remove tab/sticker for 2 minutes before insertion to receiver

Once tab is removed, battery will last about 6 - 10 hours

Replacing tab will lengthen battery usage but it will decade anyway.

RX settings remain stored if battery is flat

Very quiet receiver means filter clogged or damaged or settings not optimised,

not a flat battery.




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