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Better Sound Ltd


Quick specs:

Invisity r.f. receiver, smallest in the world giving total freedom of movement

Reliable day-long comfort and 10-12 hours battery life

Fully programmable TX300V mains powered transmitter with 20 frequency settings


Standard kit contains:

1 x Flex receiver in plastic case (+1 sealed receiver as 'emergency-use-only' spare)

Transmitter with mains psu and helical antenna

1 x 2m XLRf-XLRm cable

3 x PR70/10ZA batteries


Battery usage:

Use premium quality batteries only

from suppliers that stock hearing aid batteries


For additional battery requirements, we can supply original Phonak PR70 batteries

Remove tab/sticker for 1 minute before insertion to receiver

Once tab is removed, battery will last about 13 hours

Replacing tab will lengthen battery usage but it will decade anyway.

Clicking or increase in noise indicates battery going flat.

RX settings remain stored if battery is flat

Very quiet receiver means filter clogged or damaged or settings not optimised,

not a flat battery.


See here for FAQs.

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