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Audio Ltd RMS 2040

Quick specs:

For TX and RX:

32 pre-programmed frequencies in a switching bandwidth of 24MHz

Total  frequency range 470 - 1000MHz

Frequency response 50Hz - 18kHz + 1dB



Output power 50mW nominal

Controlled by infrared remote with integrated PP3 voltage tester

No mechanical switches mean reduced wear & tear and increased reliability

Standard TX uses 9v PP3 battery, mini TX uses 2 AAA batteries


Transformer balanced output level - 25dBu (mic level)

Controlled by infrared remote

Powered by 2 AA batteries (4 hours on good alkaline or longer on Lithium)

With batteries inserted and RX switched on, removing output cable Lemo disconnects power


Standard kit contains:

Either mini transmitter with aerial and Sanken COS11 mic & accessories or

standard TX with aerial, COS11 or ECM77 or KAT66 with accessories

Receiver with 2 aerials

2 AAA batteries for mini TX or 9v PP3 for bodyworn TX

2 AA batteries for RX

Mic level output lead

Hirose combined power & output lead

Key Fob remote


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