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Audio Ltd A10

Quick specs:

For TX and RX:

Full digital signal processing with best in class 2ms end-end delay

Switching bandwidth up to 100MHz in 25kHz steps

Frequency range 470 - 694MHz

Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz

Variable brightness OLED displays with select-and-click menus

User settable Audio Ltd proprietary encryption



Balanced i/p for mics and line level input with analogue limiter and 48v Phantom

Switchable output power 5, 20 or 50mW

Integrated digital recorder - with built-in TimeCode generator which can be jam synced from external clock source - records broadcast quality analogue audio and TC-stamped files to removable microSD cards.

Remote controllable and battery level monitoring via Bluetooth® with free A10 app (Android and iOS) when in use

Powered by 2 AA batteries


Two channel, two receivers each for true diversity reception

Display pivots for easy reading when horizontal or vertical

Analogue and AES digital output with selectable attenuation

Balanced mic or line level output

Controlled by infrared remote

Powered by external 6-18v DC

25 pin D-type Superslot™, or stand-alone external DC and audio o/p adaptor


Standard kit contains:

Transmitter with aerial

'Digitally wired' mic, with appropriate accessories, from one of the following:

DPA4066 or 4088 or Sanken COS11 or Sennheiser MKE2 or Sony ECM77

2 AA batteries

Receiver with 2 aerials and stand-alone adaptor with attached power and audio o/p cables


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