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AKG C747V11

Quick specs:

Discreet pencil size, perfect for guitar, piano, drum and overhead recordings

Widely used for speech and lectern, flat frequency response

Condenser (9-52v phantom power), hypercardioid eliminates off-axis noise

Integrated RFi shield to block out unwanted interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices

Withstands high sound pressure levels or close-up miking of loud sources


Standard kit contains:

Microphone with foam windshield attached, cabled to XLRm

Long goose neck stand, with 3 cable clips

Short goose neck stand, with 2 cable clips

Threaded stand adaptor

Round base

H47 plastic suspension mount

SA47 knuckle adaptor

SA80 butterfly clamp

SHZ80 thread adaptor

round miniature table stand base


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