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Battery Policy

Part of our overall Corporate Policy is our commitment to sustaining the integrity of the environment and, therefore, the Company  has a stringent policy regarding batteries.

Unless specifically requested not to do so, all our hire kits that require batteries are supplied in the following manner.


Disposable batteries

At the 'after hire' check-in, the equipment is tested with the battery/batteries that it is returned with (this enables the kit to be checked as the previous hirer would have used it).

Assuming there is no low battery warning or indication and that the tested equipment works well, then they are left in (or removed and left lying loose and unsealed with the equipment) so that a rehearsal and/or walk test can be carried out by the next hirer.

If during testing a low or flat battery is found, then a new is inserted to establish correct operation.

For each new hire a set of brand new and sealed 'operational' batteries is provided as part of the standard kit (extra batteries can be supplied at reasonable rates, with larger quantities attracting larger discounts).

Therefore, if for example two radiomics are hired, it is possible that when using the pre-inserted (or unsealed) batteries, their performance in terms of duration could be very different.

In such circumstances please install the new sealed batteries before deciding that there may a fault with the equipment.



Rechargeable batteries

Like non-rechargeables, all rechargeable batteries have a finite shelf life. This is generally measured in charge/discharge cycles.

All our rechargeables are routinely monitored by our maintenance department for consistency and operational life.

Any that fall short of our standards are exchanged with brand new replacements for optimum performance.


All devices requiring  external high power rechargeable batteries are supplied with a minimum of two fully charged batteries.

Where possible these will be Lithium Ion for extended life and reliability.


Dead batteries

At the end of their life, all batteries are recycled. In this way we can control our impact on the environment.


As a general rule, to preserve battery life, always switch off equipment and remove the power source.