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Radio Frequency (RF) Licensing in the U.K.

All RF equipment (including radiomics, in ear monitors (IEMs) and talkback etc.) must conform to strict legal requirements.


These include frequency and stability specifications to ensure there is no interference with other spectrum users.


It is the end user’s responsibility to operate equipment that complies with the legal requirements.


All such equipment supplied by Better Sound Ltd meet these requirements.


Radiomics & IEMs

Except for Phonak/Wisycom IEMs which operate on spot VHF frequencies within 173-202MHZ, the following can be used for radiomics and IEMS.


606-614MHz (TV channel 38) and 823-832MHz (part of 65 and part of 66) - Shared Bands.

These are General User bands.  With certain exceptions, legal equipment can utilise this spectrum, but still must be licensed.


Equipment hired from Better Sound is automatically covered  by our licence for these bands.

However, as they are ‘shared’ there could be mutual interference, especially in high RF demand areas.


470 -790MHz (TV channels 21 – 60) - Co-ordinated Bands.

These bands, subject to location restrictions, may be available on an interleaved basis.


Where the requirement is for multi frequency, with the bonus of more reliable interference free use, frequencies in these bands may be available, subject to the purchase of appropriate license(s).


863-865MHz (two MHz available within TV channel 70)

This is a European harmonised licence-free band and shared by all users on a  non co-ordinated basis.


Talkback & Walkie-talkies

455 - 469MHz

Within this range there are spot frequencies for both base stations & walkie-talkies for simplex and duplex use.

Better Sound are licensed to hire walkie-talkies on up to twelve general user frequencies in this band for simplex use.