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Audio Ltd A10

Quick specs:

For TX and RX:

Full digital signal processing with unrivalled 2ms end-end delay

Switching bandwidth up to 100MHz in 25kHz steps

Frequency range 470 - 694MHz

Frequency response 40Hz - 20kHz

Variable brightness OLED displays with select-and-click menus

(Free) iOS App to control main functions

User settable Audio Ltd proprietary encryption



Switchable output power 5, 20 or 50mW

Built-in SD card reader for updating firmware and live audio stream capture

Battery level monitoring with App when in use

Powered by 2 AA batteries


Display pivots for easy reading when horizontal or vertical

Scans for unused TV channel

Analogue and AES digital output with selectable attenuation

Controlled by infrared remote

Powered by external 6-18v DC

25 pin D-type Superslotâ„¢, or stand-alone external DC and audio o/p adaptor


Standard kit contains:

Transmitter with aerial

'Digitally wired' mic, with appropriate accessories, from one of the following:

DPA4066 or 4088 or Sanken COS11 or Sennheiser MKE2 or Sony ECM77

2 AA batteries

Receiver with 2 aerials and stand-alone adaptor with attached power and audio o/p cables


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